Nebraska Diaper Bank Celebrates — Two Million Diapers Distributed

Diaper Bank aims to provide relief to low income families.  Celebrating 

their 2 millionth diaper distributed, and counting!

OMAHA, NebraskaNebraska Diaper Bank celebrated their two-millionth diaper distributed on Wednesday, July 6th, 2022.  Diapers are a basic necessity; as essential to a baby’s well-being as clothing and shelter.  Yet, 1 in 3 families in Nebraska struggle to afford enough clean diapers.  Nebraska Diaper Bank (originally The Life House) was started in 2014 as a neighborhood food and diaper pantry, but they quickly realized that the need for diaper assistance was not being met by any other local organizations.  “Many people aren’t aware that diapers are not covered by any government safety-net programs.   We found that we had a unique opportunity to help under-served families in the community,” said Executive Director, Tegan Reed.  They positioned themselves to fill that void and officially became a diaper bank in 2019, creating their first partnership with Heartland Hope Mission.  They currently partner with 12 agencies in the Greater Omaha area, and they also serve Thurston and Madison counties in Nebraska.  They have plans to expand services to Buffalo and Scotts Bluff counties by the end of 2022.  

Nebraska Diaper Bank celebrated their one-millionth diaper in March of 2021, meaning that they distributed another one million diapers in just 1 year and 4 months.  “Our rapid growth, along with the fact that many have never heard of diaper need, highlights that it is a silent crisis in our community,” said Reed.  “If a family struggles to afford food, they are also struggling to afford diapers, which are essential to a baby’s health and wellbeing.  We are working hard to bring awareness to this issue and to help families in need.”            

It was fortuitous that the 2,000,000th diaper was distributed to Nebraska Diaper Bank’s very first partner, Heartland Hope Mission, on Wednesday.  “This milestone is a huge accomplishment, but also reminds us of why we started.  Today we are celebrating all the babies who have received comfort from a clean, dry diaper over the last 7 1/2 years, and all of our partners who have helped us in our mission to end diaper need,” Reed said. 

Nebraska Diaper Bank will also be holding a virtual social media celebration on their Facebook and Instagram pages.  For more details or to donate, go to, and follow on Facebook and Instagram @NebraskaDiaperBank.

Tap here if you need diapers or would like to donate to Nebraska Diaper Bank’s mission.