Oh How Far We’ve Come!

Nebraska Diaper Bank provides diapers through collaborative partnerships to change lives & empower families in need.

We hit the ground running and built our place in the community. See where we have been below and where we are going!


54,119 diapers distributed to 902 children

through direct distribution


243,474 diapers distributed to 3,388 children

through direct distribution, emergency response to flood relief, and South Omaha satellite location


503,936 diapers distributed to 3,932 children

through direct distribution, emergency COVID-19 response and diaper bank partner agencies


592,545 diapers distributed to 4,399 children

through direct distribution and diaper bank partner agencies


1,337,430 diapers distributed to 5,777 children

through direct distribution and diaper bank partner agencies


2,825,428 diapers distributed to 10,784 children

through direct distribution and diaper bank partner agencies


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Our History

We began in September 2014 as LIFEhouse Partnership, born out of a collaboration between two local churches: Prairie Lane Church and Westwood Church. Pooling their resources of volunteers and a perfect location, both were hoping to create change by providing food, diapers and hope in the neighborhood. In September of 2018, we became The Life House – a simplified name which carried forward our values of love, family, and humanity. From our beginning through 2018, our focus was on serving our neighbors through a client choice food pantry and filling a need that was missing in our community through diaper distribution.

In 2019 we assisted with Nebraska Flood Relief efforts through social services agencies in the affected areas and also assisted the American Red Cross by providing diapers to get to “hard to reach” areas. In May of 2019 we started a South Omaha satellite location where we created access to diapers for families in South Omaha. We quickly learned that we couldn’t reach enough families in need through direct distribution and shifted our focus to create a partner model.

In 2020, we were able to implement a diaper bank model as the primary program of our organization. With the pandemic, we knew immediate action was needed to best serve the community and provide diapers to as many families as possible. At the beginning of the year, we created temporary emergency response partnerships. While providing diapers on an emergency basis, we created our diaper bank program that would encourage long-term and sustainable partnerships. At the end of 2020 we had three diaper bank partner agencies and continued to directly distribute to families in need.

In 2021, with our diaper bank program established and functioning, we focused on increasing partnerships with other social service agencies across the Greater Omaha Area to create better access to diapers. We added an additional 8 partner agencies throughout 2021, expanding into Sarpy and Thurston Counties in Nebraska, and Pottawattamie County in Iowa.


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