Host a drive

Inspiring Experience & Incredible Impact

Host a drive and put your network to work! Working together for the greater good of our community is always inspiring!


Work, school, church, library, coffee shop… The ideas are endless! Pick a location where a lot of people go so you can maximize your donations. Be creative!


Decide on how long you will be hosting the diaper drive. Typically, diaper drives run for one week to a month.

Spread the Word

View sample social media posts, videos, emails and more to get successful communication ideas for your diaper drive.

Choose a Theme

Picking a theme for your diaper drive makes it exciting and unique! Keep it simple with something like “Kids Helping Kids” or get creative with fun dinner parties, neighborhood events or friendly work competitions!

Find Help

Recruiting volunteers is a great way to get people involved and make your diaper drive a success. Friends, family, coworkers and other community members are Nebraska Diaper Bank’s first line of defense to truly end diaper need in Omaha.

Pass the Torch

Don’t let your diaper drive be the last in your community! Encourage friends and family to start their own diaper drive so we can reach a new audience or area!


Start your own diaper drive at your school, church, office, local restaurant or anywhere you can communicate the importance of diaper need in the Omaha area. Our toolkit will provide you with tips, tricks and ideas to make your diaper drive a complete success!

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